Big, BIG Bucks and Supersized Advertising

How much money has been spent on advertising in the first 50 years of the Super Bowl? A total of $4.5 billion, according to Ad Age's analysis.

Advertising's biggest game gets more supersized every year.

Ad spending for commercials during the game on Feb. 7's Super Bowl 50 broadcast on CBS will total a record $377 million, according to Ad Age Datacenter's estimate. That's more than was spent on the Super Bowl in the 1960s, '70s and '80s combined ($299 million).

Super Bowl ad spending at 50-year line: $4.5 billion

Average cost for 30-second commercial and estimated total in-game TV ad spending. Total advertising spending in first 50 years: $4.5 billion ($5.9 billion,
adjusted for inflation).

More big game punting:

Total ad spending on commercials in the Super Bowl from 1967 through 2016, adjusted for inflation: $5.9 billion.
Super Bowl 50's estimated share of 2016 U.S. broadcast network TV ad spending: Record 2.4%, double the level in 2010 (1.2%), four times level in 1995 (0.6%) and six times level in 1990 (0.4%).
Average cost for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl 50: $4.8 million.
Average cost of 30 seconds in Super Bowl I: $40,000 ($289,000, adjusted for inflation).
Price per second for a 2016 spot: $160,000. That's 120 times the average cost for a second on Super Bowl I ($1,333).
Amount spent per viewer in 2015 on in-game advertising, based on estimated total ad spending divided by Nielsen's average number of viewers: $3.02.
Number of years that Super Bowl commercial prices fell: five (1971, 1996, 2003, 2007, 2010).
Biggest percent increases in price of a commercial: 1968 (35%), the second year of the Super Bowl; 2000 (31%), when and 16 other internet upstarts shoveled cash from venture capital and stock offerings into the game amid the dot-com bubble.

Milestones in price of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial:

1973: topped $100,000.
1985: reached $500,000.
1995: topped $1 million.
2000: topped $2 million.
2009: reached $3 million.
2013: reached $4 million. (source